Four days of storytelling workshops and seminars with networking, all associated with the world's largest board game convention.

Prompt Contest

Each day of the symposium we will have a new image on an easel near our event table. We hope to display art from a willing artist, and plan to have a call for submissions in Spring 2023.

Each item will have a QR code (to be printed on it) for that day; that link will enable submission of micro fiction (300words or less) inspired from the art or (b) a “caption” to explain it.

Winners will be selected ASAP, targeting during the event or a week after. The winners for each day will be posted here, and get bragging rights!

We may lure in willing artists to showcase art for this.

We do want some abstract imagery, and provide this example from artificial intelligence.

We want humans writers to provide stories!

Example artificial intelligence image prompt created via (“War Bear” text to image creation).

300words or less, describe the story you see!

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