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Image Prompt – A: Winner and Runner-Up Submission

The Contest

This announces the winner (who receives the signed poster) and the runner-up for Image Prompt A (see the Prompt-Contest-Tab for the contest description and all the submissions).

Prompt A showcases art by Grace. P. Fong.

The signed copy of the poster is awarded to entry A8:

Samantha Snyder (A8) – Winner

I slip through the silk curtains where my enemy sleeps and stalk towards her bed. The faint ring of steel slides through the air as I draw my sword, and the form under blankets does not move. Three more steps until I am there, ready to complete my mission. Then I am on my back on the floor, my sword deftly wrenched from my hands and turned upon me. The most stunning woman I’ve ever seen leans over me, a satisfied smirk upon her lips. “I thought you’d never come,” she said.

Aly Murray (A7) – Runner-Up

It was forbidden, the feelings overwhelming her mind, the love, the longing. It was cliche too, a princess falling for her bodyguard. But something about her, the way she took extra care, the extra concern, the stolen glances when they were alone. It was undeniable, wasn’t it? Surely she felt that same way? Why was it always so hard to find the words when they were alone?

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