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Image Prompt – C: Winner and Runner-Up Submission

The Contest

This announces the winner (who receives the signed poster) and the runner-up for Image Prompt A (see the Prompt-Contest-Tab for the contest description and all the submissions).

Prompt B showcases art by Jillian Porter.

The signed copy of the poster is awarded to entry C27

Ashley Bates (C27) – Winner

Five minutes–that was all she needed. Thoughts of how it might be too late did not stop her from grabbing the serum to numb the torn nerves, from immediately shutting down the technomatic parts to prevent a short circuit. She knew that five minutes was too much to ask for. She barely been working for two before they showed up, the heavy armored running footsteps accompanied by the rip of fighters flying overhead. They needed backup, which would have been much easier to come by if half this base was not already dead.

But it wasn’t too late–not yet. She grabbed her gun from already bloodied hands, ignoring the premature mourning from behind. She focused only on the footsteps daring to come closer.

If they were getting to her fallen patient, they’d have to go through her, first.

Amanda Cook (C29) – Runner-Up

Rita sweated under the double suns as she worked to save Betsy’s partner. They hadn’t expected another attack from the silent ships in orbit above their settlement.

It had been months since the last attack. There was supposed to be a signed treaty. Or, at least, that’s what their regional leader had told them. But there they were, outside the high stone wall, every member of their tiny medical corps working to save the settlement’s few soldiers, regrowing organs and limbs. Healing their fighters to fight another day for the far distant planetary alliance.

Rita gave Betsy’s partner a syringe full of regrowth serum and watched as his leg slowly lengthened from where the blaster had shot it off below the knee. There had to be a better way to live than this, she thought.

And at the end of the day, she swore she was going to find it.

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