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Image Prompt – D: Winner and Runner-Up Submission

The Contest

This announces the winner (who receives the signed poster) and the runner-up for Image Prompt A (see the Prompt-Contest-Tab for the contest description and all the submissions).

Prompt B showcases art by Jillian Porter.

The signed copy of the poster is awarded to entry D38

Danna Janz – (D38) Winner

Standing alone in the dark, Solina stared at the convergence point where the strings looped around her fingers met, their criss-crossed mass a tangle she struggled to meld together. Her tutor, Father Diego, had told her of the forbidden craft, a skill she had to master but never use lest it be the downfall of her families hold on the Kingdom. Despite his frequent lessons, she had not seen the light that she had been told would appear as the strings forged at the point of concentration. In an effort to help her practice more, Father Diego had sent her back to her chambers with a staff he claimed would help to focus the power. By centering the point between the tines on the staff, she should be able to focus her innate power. So far, she felt it did nothing but take up space.

Solina had been working at it for some time, her vision beginning to cross from the concentration on such a small point. The lids of her eyes began to drift shut, and as they did the room grew brighter. Snapping her them open, the light disappeared, and so she began to shut them again, relaxing her mind to recreate her state of mind before the momentary excitement of success. As she did so, she saw a bright red light begin to grow at the convergence point, glowing as if an ember from the fire. Keeping her eyes half-lidded, she focused on growing the light, pressing her mind into the strings and closing it to the rest of the space around her. In doing so, she did not hear the door as it began to creak open.

Aly Murray (D34) – Runner-Up

The red glow of the magic filled the room as she worked to overwrite the spell stored within the crystal. Careful, delicate work, requiring utmost focus. The original sorcerer was supremely powerful, concentric wards guarding this spell. She smirked, each ward falling in turn, her focus falling more and more into the crystal. So obsessed with beating him she did not hear the door creak open, did not hear the nearly silent footsteps, and did not feel the mage hunter’s blade on her throat…

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