Four days of storytelling panels, workshops, and community – all associated with North America's largest game convention.

Program of GCWS 2023

The countdown is on!

Location: We’ll be on the second floor of the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott (i.e., not the adjacent JW Marriott )
Head to our event at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott @ 350 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225

If you’ve already purchased your ticket to Gen Con, you can now select which events you’d like to attend. And wow – do we have an amazing program for you at the Gen Con Writers’ Symposium, with more than 150 events, including: 

  • 70 Free Seminars
  • 60 Workshops
  • 20+ Signings
  • 65+ Presenters 

We’ve organized our events into different categories (tracks) to help you home in your selections. Note that some seminars are on the schedule more than once with different panelists each providing a unique experience.

  • A 2nd Floor Marriott hallway is dedicated for our events, conveniently connecting our seminars and workshops.
  • Signings are in the convention center Exhibit Hall (all free!).
  • The Meet-the-Pros event, where you can meet or shop from these amazing writers, is in the convention center.

GCWS Program (PDF updated August 1st, 2023!): 

GCWS Tracks: Interested in a topic? Sign up for them all, as many will fill up quickly! Prefiltered GenCon-Registration Links for each: 

  • Career (managing the business of writing: e.g., publishing, publicizing, navigating change)
  • Classroom (direct instruction by topic experts, come prepared to participate hands-on)
  • Critique (opportunities to present your work for direct review)
  • Editing (perspectives on editing work, designed for writers)
  • Event (special sessions featuring individual writers, live entertainment, or interactive writing experiences)
  • Game Narrative (storytelling in video and tabletop games)
  • Genre (discussion on specific genres from experts in that genre)
  • Multimedia (crossing forms of storytelling)
  • Signings (all free, in the Exhibit Hall: swing by and say hello)
  • Tech (discussions on creative technologies)
  • Writing (nuts & bolts of the craft)
  • Worldbuilding (crafting the space for your words)

GCWS Panelists:

Interest in following one of the 65 authors/panelists? Search their names in the keyword field on the Gen Con site.


Space is limited, so make sure to select your preferred sessions as soon as possible. 

You’ll be able to add them to your wishlist <May21st… checkout will open on May 21.

See you in Indianapolis this August!