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Prompt Contest of GCWS 2023

We tried something new this year to gamify our event: an image prompt contest!

We lured in two artists Grace P Fong and Jillian Porter to contribute two images each. Each piece of art was put on a poster with a QR code to enable submission of (a) micro fiction (300words or less) inspired from the art or (b) a “caption” to explain it. Winners of the contest were promised to have their entries posted on this website and a copy of the artist-signed poster (winners elected via an arbitrary selection process that involved the artists’ input, feedback from some of the organizational committee, and perhaps a 1d10 roll or two.)

Everyone who submitted is a winner, since the goal was merely to promote a creative atmosphere. We highlight the poster-award winners and runners-up in separate announcement posts (below links). Yet everyone who submitted can claim bragging rights since the PDF below has the list of all the submissions–i.e., you all have your caption posted on this website!

Thank you to the artists and the creatives who replied!

Poster Award Winner Posts:

Prompt A Link: Winner of the Poster is Samantha Snyder (entry A8); Aly Murray (A7) – Runner-Up

Prompt B Link: Winner of the Poster is Wesley Kirk (B20) ; Danna Janz (B21) – Runner-Up

Prompt C Link: Winner of the Poster is Ashley Bates (C27); Amanda Cook (C29) – Runner-Up

Prompt D Link: Winner of the Poster is Danna Janz – (D38); Aly Murray (D34) – Runner-Up